Borrow movies from the streaming service Viddla

Viddla is a streaming service where you can borrow movies with your library card and PIN-code

Viddla is available in nine of the Fredrika library network municipalities:

  • Korsholm
  • Korsnäs
  • Kristinestad
  • Larsmo
  • Malax
  • Nykarleby
  • Närpes
  • Pedersöre
  • Vörå

Go to Viddla here

How to use Viddla:

Start by choosing the movie you want to watch. Under the menu Films you can filter the selection by choosing a genre or an audience. Click on the picture of the movie you want to see and click on Play film. Choose your library and enter your library card number and your PIN-code. The movie is available for 48 hours and can be watched as many times as you want during this time.


You can borrow a maximum of three movies per month. The library has budgeted a certain amount of money for each month, and if the limit is reached no one can borrow movies until the next month.

Age limits:

Viddla’s age limits are set according to the Act on Audiovisual Programmes. You can read more about the age limits on KAVI’s webpage.


When watching a movie, you can choose the language of the subtitles by clicking on the gear icon.  

Resume watching a movie:

Viddla has no log in-button. You can resume watching a movie by searching the movie, clicking on the Play film-button and entering your information. Viddla remembers that you already have borrowed this movie.

Watch a movie on TV:

There is no smart-TV application for Viddla, but it can be used with e.g. Chromecast or AirPlay. You can also watch the movies directly on your computer or tablet computer. Find out more about how Viddla works on different devices here.

Only in Finland:

You cannot use Viddla abroad.