The Hunger

How do you protect yourself from an unknown danger? Are they wolves, madmen or demons lurking in the shadows ready to attack the weary travelers? Stalking, waiting…

The Hunger is based on a tragic true story in American history referred to as the story of the Donner Party. The year is 1846. A wagon train is bound for California. George Donner takes it upon himself to lead the wagon train. Some in the party leave their homes behind in search of a better life, others are running away. Whatever their reason for embarking on this journey, none of them could have foreseen the hardship they were going to face. Soon the extreme weather, conflicts between families, wrong choices and shortage of food start to take their toll. A far more gruesome danger lurks in the shadows. They are being hunted – but by what? Children start disappearing and one by one this terror drives the members of the wagon train to the brink of madness. This is historic fiction at its best: a chilling story with traits of truth woven into it.


Review by: Korsholms bibliotek Thursday, March 7, 2019