Welcome to the Libraries in Nykarleby!

The Main Library in Nykarleby


Nykarleby stadsbibliotek
Topeliusesplanaden 10
66900 Nykarleby

Phone: (06) 7856104

E-mail: nykarleby.bibliotek@nykarleby.fi

Library Director: Liselotte Harjulin, Phone: 06-785 6101, 044-7219080, E-mail: liselotte.harjulin@nykarleby.fi

Jeppo Library

Jungarvägen 35
66850 Jeppo

Phone: 06-785 6108
E-mail: jeppo.bibliotek@nykarleby.fi

Munsala Library

Öjvägen 7
66950 Munsala

Phone: 06-785 6106, 050-4320065
E-mail: munsala.bibliotek@nykarleby.fi

The Library Bus (Vörå Library)

Phone: 06-382 1686
E-mail: bibl.vora@vora.fi

Please contact The Main Libray in Nykarleby with any questions via phone, e-mail, mail or by visiting the library in person.

The Main Library of Nykarleby

Jeppo Library

Munsala Library