She’s had it!

She’s had it! Vivian doesn’t usually stick her nose out, but enough is enough. The girls at school are being harassed by a group of boys. The principal and the school board look the other way or blame the whole thing on the way the girls dress. And so a dress code is enforced. As flyers written by “Moxie” are spread throughout the school, encouraging the girls to stand up for themselves there is a change in the atmosphere. A movement is born and everyone wants to know who Moxie is. It’s time to speak out and Moxie has given them the guts to do it.

Moxie is girl-power in a nutshell – inspiring and powerful. It is well-written with a compelling message. Suitable for ages 12 and up.



Review by: Korsholms bibliotek Wednesday, October 10, 2018