Little black lies

A new stand-alone nail-biting thriller by the author of the Lacey Flint mysteries!

The main character in the book is Catrin Quinn along with her ex-childhood friend Rachel Grimwood and her friend and ex-lover Callum Murray.

The book is set on The Falkland Islands, a small community where everybody knows everybody’s business, or at least they think they do. For Catrin this is especially hard since she does not want to be around her childhood friend, Rachel Grimwood. They are not friends anymore and Catrin does all she can to avoid Rachel since she is the reason her two boys are dead. Rachel was watching the boys but left them alone in her car for a little moment and it rolled off a cliff. This happened three years ago but Catrin has a hard time forgiving and moving on with her life.

The book focuses partly on the problems surrounding Catrin, Rachel and Callum, and partly on the biggest concern on the island at the moment, the children that go missing. Who is taking the children and will they be found in time? Who is arrested and accused of murder and of whom? Who is confessing and why?


Review by: Johanna Vidjeskog Friday, July 29, 2016