English Book Club tips

Want to read a good book?

The various English Book Club readers have had the summer to read through many books.  As the library was closed, we were able to borrow suitcases full of books and have them stacked by the bed.  The following books, and many others were reviewed on Thursday 27.9.2019.  These books can be found on the Korsholm Library shelves.

Northline: Willy Vlautin

Tragic, interesting read.  The way the author has written the book makes you think and consider the development of the main character throughout the book.  The Book Club reader recommends this book for mature readers.

Convenience Store Woman: Sayaka Murata

Tragic, written in first person.  Gives perhaps a good insight into Japanese culture and their convenience stores.  The Book Club reader recommends this book.

The Overstory: Richard Powers

A multilayered book, with each story assigned to a tree.  The Book Club reader is halfway through this mammoth book of over 500 pages, but still recommends this book.

The Book of Essie: Meghan Maclean

This book is about a 17 year old daughter of a TV-preacher with a reality TV show.  There are lots of secrets in this book.  The Book Club reader could not put this book down!

The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry: Gabrielle Zevin

A grumpy bookstore owner finds a baby on his doorstep and raises her.  A tear jerker.  The Book Club reader recommends  this book and a box of tissues.

Machines like me: Ian McEwan

Set in modern times, with a slightly different ordered history, artificial intelligences is a reality and are learning to live amongst people.  It hasn’t had a lot of good reviews online, but the book left a mark on the Book Club reader and is therefore recommended.



Written by: Tina Back Tuesday, November 19, 2019