There's a boy in the girls' bathroom

A touching book that can be read by children as well as adults

Everyday in school Bradley Chalker sits on the last seat in the last row. The seats around him are empty, because none of the other pupils wants to sit next to him. The other pupils in class gets gold stars for good test grades or good behavior, but Bradley has never gotten any, since he never does his homework and he tell lies. His teacher Mrs. Ebbel has already given up on him. Bradley hasn’t got any friends, and doesn’t get along well with his parents or sister either. His spends his afternoons playing with his toy pets.

But one day there is a new boy in school, Jeff Fishkin, and he sits next to Bradley in class. Bradley and Jeff become friends, but since Bradley’s social skills are poor their friendships doesn’t last long. At the same time a counselor, Carla, starts working at the school. Carla sees Bradley’s potential and tries to help him, both with school work and getting friends. Step by step things change for Bradley, but at the same time Carla is getting unpopular among the parents neighborhood. Will she be able to keep on supporting him or can Bradley himself have influence on his future?

Review by: Korsholms bibliotek Wednesday, November 11, 2015