I am number four

John Smith is not your average teenager. John Smith isn't even his real name, and he's always on the run away from a killer.

What happens to a man who's used to run away and to never get to know people, and now he finally decides to settle down?

John Smith is certainly no average teenager, not even his name is real. He can’t tell anyone who he is and why he is always on the move. Because if he stops moving for too long, those who hunt him will find him and kill him. But now John Smith makes a drastic change when he decides to try on a normal life in the village Paradise in Ohio. He tries to fit in, and for the first time he makes som real friends. Although, it’s just a matter of time before his secret is revealed.

John was once one of nine. Now three of them have been killed. John is number four, the next on in turn for the hunters.