Website and library catalog

Welcome to the Fredrika libraries' website.

The Fredrika libraries consist of eleven municipal libraries in Vaasa coastal region in Finland: Kronoby, Larsmo, Jakobstad, Pedersöre, Nykarleby, Vörå, Korsholm, Malax, Korsnäs, Närpes and Kristinestad. In the library catalog you will find the collections of all of the Fredrika libraries.

On the web site the library staff publishes book recommendations and you can contribute yourself by rating books. Here you can also find information on opening hours, collections, services and events in your library.

Library catalog

In the library catalog you will find the collections of the Fredrika libraries. You can make reservations on material in your library’s collections as well as rate books you have read. The library catalog is shared but to be able to borrow books from a municipality library you need to be a patron there.

My pages

On My pages, you can find your own information. Here you can view your loans, renew loans, view your reservations, lists and the books you have rated as well as change your personal settings. You sign in on the website by using your library card number and PIN. You can get your PIN from your library.

Your library

On the website every municipality has its own page with information about the library. Click on Libraries to find information about your library.


Thursday, August 17, 2017