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Kronoby is an average municipality on the western coast of Finland, 15 kilometers from the town of Kokkola and about 500 kilometers from the capital of Finland, Helsinki. The municipality has about 6 700 inhabitants, of which 82% speaks Swedish and 16 % Finnish.

The purpose of the Kronoby municipal library is to anticipate and respond to community needs for cultural, educational, recreational and information resources.

Kronoby municipal library serves in three different places, the main library in the municipal centre of Kronoby and two smaller libraries in the next biggest villages, Nedervetil and Terjärv. The countryside inhabitants are taken care of by a mobile library bus.

In the Kronoby libraries you can borrow books, magazines, music and DVDs. Lending times are usually four weeks. The libraries also offer a good selection of newspapers. Free internet access is available at all locations, with the exception of the mobile library.

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A map showing the location of Kronoby huvudbibliotek. Click to open in Google Maps.
Address: Kyrkvägen 6 68500 Kronoby
Phone: 040-7142175