The ultimate survival story

Tara Westover grew up in Idaho at the very margins of society. Her story is both unbelievable and tragic. Her parents take their religious conviction to such an extreme level, that Tara and her siblings are left without formal schooling or medical attention. Even severe traumas after car accidents are treated solely by their mother with herbs and the power of faith. Physical and mental abuse are part of the Westover everyday life. Tara manages to escape the controlling world of her family and educates herself. Tara goes to Brigham Young University and is faced with a new way of thinking and of dealing with life. She is forced to come to terms with her past in order to go on with her life. Unfortunately she gets no support from her parents when she confronts an older brother who abused her growing up. Tara subsequently stays in touch with only part of her family today. Her story is hard to read, but Tara impresses greatly – she earns a doctorate in intellectual history at Trinity college, Cambridge in 2014. This is the ultimate survival story.